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Selby Avenue Brass Band, featuring Patty Lacy

As in 2017, music will lead us through our rally. The Selby Avenue Brass Band featuring Patty Lacy, will weave songs both moving and energizing around our roster of Minnesotans, who will speak to the impact of big money on our daily lives.

Patty Lacy sang backup vocals for Luther Vandross and currently also sings with the Sounds of Blackness.

The Selby Avenue Brass Band is Tom Wells, Larry Sims, Trenon Graham, Chris Fulton, and Marilyn Parker. Tom Wells on tuba is the leader of the group and is a music educator who taught at several high schools in the Twin Cities and currently teaches at Walker West Music Academy. Larry Sims on trumpet also performs with the Sounds of Blackness as well as other groups. Trenon Graham on drums is an educator and was an original member of the Sounds. Chris Fulton on trombone is an engineer who gigs around town. Marilyn Parker on saxophone owns her business, Write Away Creative, and entertained us last year at the Tax Rally.

Join us at the Tax Rally on June 30th, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m!

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