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Tax Rally MN: Filing Extension!

Ah, April 15th, 2018, what a lovely day . . .

Despite our hearty cries of "Hey-HEY! Ho-HO! We Will Rally In The Snow!", we recognized that it was not safe for anyone to venture out to the Capitol, so we postponed our event.

And now?

We are so deeply excited to announce the rescheduled date for Tax Rally MN: Filing Extension!

(Hey, you can bet the Koch Bros didn't file their taxes on April 15th. If they get an extension, why can't we?)



Saturday, June 30, 11am to 2pm

on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol

Thought Leaders, Food Trucks, and an energizing dose of Music and Comedy!

Together, we can kick off the 2018 election season with a laser focus on getting money out of politics. Together, we can kick off the 4th of July celebrations by patriotically demanding that our politicians represent their human constituents, not corporations and special interests. Together, we can kick off a new wave of energy and advocacy, where government hears the voices of the people more clearly than secret donations from wealthy individuals.

It's YOUR tax money, and YOUR power. Politicians are not royalty: they work for us! The 1% are not royalty: they're people just like us, and their needs are no more important that ours! #FollowTheMoney #NoMoreKings

Bring the family, spend the afternoon at the Capitol, and exercise your #FreedomOfSpeech. Our democracy belongs to the people!


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