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Why are you rallying? Some of your answers . . .

We asked folks who have RSVP'd to our event: "Why are you rallying?"

"I hate everything about the Republican Tax Law."

"To swell the numbers, to show I will vote."

"Nothing will change until we get big money out of politics. Our democracy should be transparent."

"Our democracy is not for sale."

"To show Minnesota government and citizens that $ influence must stop"

"Your messages here sum it up! Hell yes, I'll rally!"

"I’m tired of seeing corporations taking advantage of our vulnerable citizens trying to get by and making enormous profits while people are dying due to lack of health insurance and kids go hungry everyday despite good working parents."

"The recently passed tax bill is awful and benefits the very wealthy at the expense of the middle class."

"I am outraged at the misuse of tax policy to enrich the few and starve the government of revenue needed to meet the needs of the many."

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