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Confirmed Speaker: Ben Gubits, American Promise

We are so excited to welcome Ben Gubits as a speaker! Gubits is Associate Director/Founding Member of American Promise, which is leading the charge for the 28th Amendment so we the people govern the United States -- not big money, not unions, and not corporations.

"We have three drivers to win ratification of the 28th Amendment now:

  1. Our distributed, decentralized model supports, connects and amplifies cross-partisan local action by all Americans all over the country, driven by our national Citizen Uprising, Civic Courage program, public events, and our acclaimed National Citizen Leadership Conference;

  2. We build national consensus and determination, vetting and driving forward specific, effective language of the 28th Amendment with our Writing The 28th Amendment program and inviting all Americans into the process; and

  3. We hold elected representatives accountable to ensure that they represent the good of the country and the will of the people for big, real reform through the 28th Amendment, rather than do the bidding of big donors and special interests.

Together, this three-prong strategy is building the super-majority support in Congress and throughout the country to pass and ratify the 28th Amendment and renew the American promise of human liberty, equal citizenship, and effective self-government." (

A native of Colorado, Ben Gubits helped to launch American Promise almost 3 years ago with significant experience both in business and in organizing, public policy and Citizen education and engagement. He has previously served as Director of Professional Development with the National Council of History Education in Washington, D.C. and was Field Director in a 2014 gubernatorial campaign, and has been an organizer in several other campaigns. He is a graduate of Fort Lewis College in Colorado, and is currently a candidate for his Masters in Public Administration at Suffolk University in Boston.

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