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Land Grab; No More Weather; Rangers in Danger

National Alert: The Interior Department is planning to hold the largest sale of oil and gas leases in the country's history. The plans would auction off 77.3 million acres of offshore waters to drilling, covering coastal waters in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. The auction will take place March 21.

Trump's 2019 White House budget proposes to cut National Weather Service (NWS) funding by about 8 percent, a decrease of just over $75 million. It also proposes a reduction of 355 positions, including 248 forecasting jobs. Sobien added that NWS is already down more than 600 employees and further budget cuts would stretch the staff even thinner. "The only way they're going to be able to do this is to close offices or at least close them for parts of the day.” Also hidden in Trump’s budget, released on Monday, is a recommendation for

extreme staffing cuts of nearly 2,000 National Park Service rangers... This is at a time when national park visitation is at an all-time high.

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