MN State Capitol

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

11 am - 2 pm

Saturday, June 30th

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In 2017, thousands of engaged, empowered Minnesotans marched against the dangers of Dark Money in politics, and for transparency from every politician.

Why We Rally in 2018

Dark Money is wielding unchecked power in our country. 
The damage of this power is clearer than ever: the recently passed Tax Plan, the proposed budget and tariffs, and lobbyists’ increasing influence in government . . .
Minnesotans are paying attention, and we are taking action!  

ol·i·garch /ˈäləˌɡärk/ (noun) a very rich business leader with a disproportionate amount of political influence.

Aristotle: "when [people] of property have the government in their hands...
wherever [people] rule by reason of their wealth, whether they be few or many, that is an oligarchy."

cor·po·ra·toc·ra·cy ˌ/kôrpərəˈtäkrəsē/ (noun) a society or system that is governed or controlled by                                                                                                         corporations.

We deserve a government that works for every American, not just the wealthy few and corporate interests.  We deserve a democracy where each of us has a voice. 

Big Money Out, Voters In.

The Tax Plan: By the Numbers

  • Cutting the statutory Corporate Tax Rates without closing all the loopholes means that Corporate America can pay far less in taxes than you do. The *effective* tax rate (= what they actually pay) for corporations is between 13-15%. Congressional Budget Office Lowering the statutory rates will push that even lower: 5%? 3%?  Economic Policy Institute What's your tax bracket? Find out here.

  • "Corporate America got a 40% effective rate reduction in the form of a permanent tax cut, while “qualified” small businesses got about a 9% effective rate reduction – and even those crumbs expire after 2025."Forbes Magazine

  • While many middle-income Minnesotans will see a temporary tax decrease, those cuts expire in 2025 - unlike the corporate cuts, which are permanent. Short term gain, long term pain. Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

  • Deficits will increase by $1.46 billion over the next 10 years. Joint Committee on Taxation 

  • 83% of the individual tax benefits go to the top 1%. Tax Policy Center

  • Compared to current law, 5 percent of taxpayers would pay more tax in 2018, 9 percent in 2025, and 53 percent in 2027.Tax Policy Institute

  • Americans without health insurance: 4 million more in 2019 and 13 million more in 2027 Congressional Budget Office Report

The Tax March is a national movement that extends far beyond one rally.  Led by everyday Americans who are tired of systems that are rigged in favor of the super-rich, the Tax March movement maintains that any change to the tax code should be about closing loopholes for the wealthy and big corporations, and building an economy that invests in working families.

Here in Minnesota, we must shine a light on the flow of money between our candidates, office holders, corporations, lobbyists, and individuals.   


We must trust, but verify.  We trust that most candidates willing to subject themselves to a political campaign are in it for the good of the people and the state, but citizens must be able to verify.

Our Democracy is Not For Sale

2018 Speakers and Musicians

As in 2017, music will lead us through our rally. The Selby Avenue Brass Band featuring Patty Lacy, will weave songs both moving and energizing around our roster of Minnesotans, who will speak to the impact of big money on our daily lives.

(More speakers will be added
as they are confirmed.)

The Selby Avenue Brass Band

Patty Lacy

Judge George Beck (ret.)

Angie Craig,
HR Executive

Rev. Nancy Nord Bence
Exec. Dir. / Protect MN

Professor Richard Painter,
U of M Twin Cities

Brian Eisold
Organizer, Tax March WI

Austin Berger,
Students Demand Action

Tamara Caban-Ramirez
Immigration Attorney


We Call For:

Transparency into the impact of the Tax Plan and federal budget on the State of Minnesota, including increased tax burden, decreased services for those in need, and risks to programs (i.e., Social Security, Medicare) that we’ve been paying into with every single paycheck.

Laws requiring fair, standardized reporting of ALL DONORS for all Political Advocacy organizations. Organizations and lobbyists who do not comply should be BARRED from all activity in Minnesota.  OUR DEMOCRACY IS NOT FOR SALE!

A tax code that requires all Americans to shoulder an equitable burden for maintaining the communities and services we all depend on: closing loopholes for the wealthy and big corporations as well as shifting our tax reform focus from “discounts” to “stewardship of resources.”


We are proud to be supported by these great organizations

Rally Day Information

We will convene in front of the Capitol Building in Saint Paul
at 11am on Sunday, April 15, 2018.

Rally volunteers - watch your email for notifications about meeting places and times.

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Logistics & Safety

Tax March Minnesota is proud to partner with participants of all abilities.
 We are working to make the event accessible for all.  
Check back here for details on parking and accessibility information.


For safety concerns, please don't bring signs on sticks - but signs on pool noodles are great.  Also, please leave umbrellas at home -
both for safety and clear lines of sight for your fellow marchers.

Backpacks are allowed, though they are subject to search.

For the safety of all, pets are not allowed during the march or at the rally.  
Service animals are welcome.

If you bring it in, bring it out.  
Tax March Minnesota is a green, eco-friendly event,
and our goal is to leave the Capitol as we find it: free of trash.


You are welcome to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy during the
march and rally.  An array of food trucks will be on site - watch this space for details!

Please remember to take trash/ bottles/ cans/ wrappers with you when you leave.


Mid-April in Minnesota - anything could happen!  
Remember to dress in layers and wear comfortable weather-appropriate shoes.  Should severe weather impact the event, we will attempt to notify everyone who has RSVP'd.
We will post notices on this website and on the Tax March MN Facebook page.



Disagree?  Contact us.

I understand that when I take part in this event, I must abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and lawful orders from authorities.  I will keep this event nonviolent and free from civil disobedience or disturbance.